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Proof is a 2005 american drama film directed by john madden and starring gwyneth paltrow, anthony hopkins, jake gyllenhaal, and hope davis it was written by rebecca miller , based on david auburn 's pulitzer prize -winning play proof. And like the title, the movie is about a particular proof however, it doesn't tell you what the proof is about it's simply a story about a girl, somewhat of math, and her family and friends.

340 notices of the ams volume 53, number 3 proof reviewed by daniel ullman proof miramax films starring gwyneth paltrow and anthony hopkins screenplay by david auburn and rebecca miller.

Proof, a movie based on david auburns pulitzer prize winning play, was released in september featuring gwyneth paltrow, anthony hopkins, and jake gyllenhaal in the main roles, the movie had a mixed reception by the critics. The pilot episode was an intense drama from a growing list of books,and movies expanding the knowledge of our afterlife i was engaged into the quality acting, editing,and developing story many christians have believed for two thousand years(i also had the experience, during an operation,near death,of floating above the doctors looking down-remembering what was seen and discussed.

Proof is a 1991 australian comedy-drama film written and directed by jocelyn moorhouse, and starring hugo weaving, geneviève picot and russell crowe the film was released in australia on 15 august 1991. John madden's proof is an extraordinary thriller about matters of scholarship and the heart, about the true authorship of a mathematical proof and the passions that coil around it it is a rare movie that gets the tone of a university campus exactly right, and at the same time communicates so easily that you don't need to know the slightest thing about math to understand it.

If you want to watch a movie that has profound truth for your marriage, some drama added, some comic relief, and with a biblical worldview, this movie is definitely for you even if you don't completely agree with the message, this is a positive, family friendly movie.

  • The daughter of a brilliant but mentally disturbed mathematician, recently deceased, tries to come to grips with her possible inheritance: his insanity.

Proof is a complex relationship film, with perceptive views on faith and with trust, played out in equal parts of irreverent comedy and touching poignancy january 1, 2000.

the movie proof Proof is a smart film, but it tries too hard it wears its heart on its sleeve, and the pathos becomes a bit much because there is little to balance it out april 25, 2011 | rating: 5/10 | full.
The movie proof
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